Berakah Peneil
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Our Mission

Berakah Peneil's Mission
  • Our mission is to make a big change to the way people are currently doing business in Myanmar, and to actively contribute to the development of Information Technology throughout the country. Our strong commitment, advanced technology, and continuous effort will have a positive ripple effect on the economic development of Myanmar, and help the country catch up with other developed nations. We are very optimistic regarding current positive changes in Myanmar and believe in the new business opportunities which can improve the lives of many people in Myanmar.

Our Vision

  • To be a leading successful technological organization in the region.
  • To bring positive impact on our country socio-economics by fostering new technological innovation and sharing latest technical knowledge to the society.

Our Values

  • Work to learn and learn to work.
  • Integrity and Transperancy in every words and actions.
  • Growing together with our customers, partners and investors.
  • Living and Innovating in each single day.
  • Serving with love and team-spirit.
  • Delivering the best technology for humanity.